Suzy Lindow

Featured Artists


Pippa Valentine

Being born of two artists, it was inevitable: Pippa was going to be surrounded by it.


Five years old and precocious, she enjoys drawing, painting, sculpting in play-doh, and taking pictures. After pounding the pavement with her mother to generate buzz about ArtShines, and hearing stories of the children her age (some younger, some older) who are living with cancer, Pippa was inspired to do something.  


“Sometimes people tell me they like my art. I told Mommy if people like it, maybe they will buy it. If they buy it, I promise all of the money will go to the kids in the hospital.”


Unspoiled by societal conventions, Pippa snaps photos of anything and everything she finds beautiful: the way the sun comes through a shopping cart, folded laundry, a fancy shoe, her little sister.  She is always exploring. Her latest project: making teeny tiny felt foodies with her mom.  She aims to make one for each of TVF patients at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital this year. “They’re cute and small so they’re easy to hold. And you can squeeze them when you don’t feel so good. They won’t even break!”

Brian O'Boyle

O’Boyle was born and raised in northern New Jersey. For over a decade he’s been compelled to draw, paint, build, and create the whimsical, sometimes bizarre, and often quirky characters in his head.


He enjoys making found-object art – taking conventional, every-day items like abandoned skateboards, cardboard boxes, yarn and personifying them into special characters. Each portrait hints to a unique background story that peaks the curiosity of his audiences. Whether 2d or 3d, his body of work possesses a sculptural quality layered with various mediums. 


O’Boyle is an art teacher at the Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology. He’s inspired by the interesting people that he meets on a daily basis as well as various classical, graffiti, and pop surrealist artists.

John S. Masi

Masi, a Newark native, has spent more than 35 years capturing unique perspectives of everyday life in his photography. A graduate of the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, he is locally recognized for his work of vintage signage and iconic images of New Jersey. His photography was featured in the exhibit: Newark, A Day in the City, sponsored by Kodak. A published photographer, he has had solo exhibits at venues throughout New York and New Jersey, as well as photographs housed in corporate and private collections.

Cube Works

Based in Toronto, CA, Cube Works is an intimate studio comprised of specialized talents. They began pushing the boundaries of modern art using the iconic Rubik’s cube. As if that weren’t cool enough, they’ve expanded their portfolio to include collections created with Crayola Crayons, LEGO bricks, and Vinyl Record Mosaics –– treasures we personally cherish as children of the 70s and 80s.


From monumental attractions to one-of-a-kind custom projects, they’ve become world-renowned for re-contextualizing common objects to create impressive and entertaining works of art.


Their works are meant to inspire, unite, and invoke a sense of nostalgia by using tangible objects in a new and awesome way. 

Suzy Lindow

Lindow, the artist and maker behind Wink Wink Studio, is also a wife, a mother of 3, and a peanut butter junkie. She finds inspiration in the places she’s traveled and lived, as well as funky patterns and brightly colored textiles from Thailand, South America, and Mexico.


Her rich color palettes and distinct mark making are loved and admired by her collectors all over the country. From Seattle to Los Angeles to Charleston and New York, Lindow’s work (small and large) hangs in public and private collections.


Her show at ArtShines 2018 is dedicated to her dear friend whose young daughter lost her 4-year battle with cancer on December 14, 2017. This is Lindow’s way of giving back to all parents and their children who face the tremendous challenges of pediatric cancer. May you find hope and happiness in her celebration of life and color.  

Raven Roxanne

Roxanne is an abstract and impressionist painter located at Slate Studios in the Cigar Factory in Charleston, South Carolina. Raised on the Gulf Coast, she was inspired and raised around the creative influence of her family’s art gallery. She went on to receive a BFA from Auburn University. Her artistic practice is a response to the colors, energies, textures, and composition of her life. She has created a lifestyle surrounding her work – thriving on the strength of women, the beauty of imperfection, and the harmony of mental and physical well-being of the figure. Through her work, she hopes to invoke a connection for her viewers while representing the truest version of herself.   

Featured Speakers

Blakely Little

Singing at the top of her lungs, Little and her family of five would race down the Severn River on their boat as the sun set. She grew up in the Annapolis area. Moments on the water – like for those of us that make the weekend trek down the shore – make her heart sing.


Seven years ago, she chased the sunshine down the coast to downtown Charleston, where she lives with her husband and creates in her studio. When she’s not inside, she can be found exploring the marsh, fishing off of Sullivan's island, or riding bikes to their favorite dinner spot.


Little is inspired daily by the low country sky, winding waterways, and colorful marshland. Her artwork is the way she expresses the joy she has bundled up inside of her. “I like to paint the way I see the world: full of color in unlikely places.”


Radius welcomes special guests Jared and Vanessa and their families to our ArtShines event. Vanessa, Jared, and their respective families have received the greatest kind of support from The Valerie Fund​​ and LLS. Your donations to these organizations mean everything.  


Jared was diagnosed with ALL when he was 8 years old. We had the pleasure of first meeting him while working on My Leukemia Journey, a website resource that we, with Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc., launched last year. He and his family bravely shared their own journey hoping to help other families dealing with pediatric cancer. 


It was this project in particular that served as motivation for Radius to give to this special group of people in our own community. 


Vanessa was diagnosed with ALL when she was 10 years old. We first met this bright-eyed and talented young lady in December of last year, at one of The Valerie Fund Centers at St. Joseph's Children Hospital in Paterson, NJ. We learned she is one of their Ambassadors and we learned how much she loves to make art. She expressed how welcomed she feels when she goes to the center for her treatments. "When my family needs help with something, they help us."